Old World Roofing Company
Old World Roofing Co. was founded on August 1, 1986 by Dan Hagerty. A former 82nd Airborne Division
paratrooper with more than ten years experience in the slate and tile industry, Hagerty ventured on his own
in order to add a more personal touch to his work.  His experiences in the military and in a family of thirteen
children instilled in Hagerty the values of teamwork and solidarity upon which Old World Roofing Co.
was established. The strong family dynamic among the roofers only enhances the work they perform.
“The guys” take great care to ensure one another’s safety on the job, a high standard of workmanship,
and a finished product in which they take great pride.

Beginning with a garage, two employees, and one company vehicle, Old World Roofing has evolved
into one of St. Louis’ most well-respected businesses.  Today, with more than 20 full-time employees,
Old World Roofing Co. continues to uphold the core values of quality and customer service upon which
it was founded.  The company owes its vigorous growth to its reputation for professional integrity,
spread by word of mouth rather than commercial advertising.  Through the years, many of
Old World’s professional relationships have developed into lasting friendships.  Whether future
contact with a customer comes in the form of a holiday card or a recommendation to a neighbor,
Old World cares about the impression it leaves.     

Old World Roofing Company
2700 Brannon Ave
St. Louis, MO 63139
Office: 314-664-4845
Fax: 314-664-0247