Old World Roofing Company

“Because you came with such high recommendations from several sources, we expected that you would provide a fine roof for us.  However, we could not have expected the extremely high level of courtesy and concern for our property which your men have consistently shown.”
      - F. Thomas Ott, M.D., December 2006

“We’d like to thank you for taking such excellent care of our home over the past sixteen years.  Without your outstanding craftsmanship and professionalism, we’d probably be sporting a much less attractive alternate to slate.”

      - Lisa & George Suggs, August 2006

“The men’s work ethic is tremendous.  They are measured, they are thoughtful, and they are neat… each day I am more comfortable and more impressed with their pride of workmanship, their knowledge, their professionalism, and most of all, their thoughtfulness.”

      - Katy Benoit, April 2006

“Thank you again for another excellent job.  You deserve great praise for the excellent manner in which you and your crew complete these jobs.”

      - James M. Snowden, Jr., March 2006

“The work was absolutely first rate.  Your men are punctual, exacting and extremely thorough.”

      - Mark M. Wenner, October 2005

“Beyond work that was appropriate and aesthetically pleasing, we thank you for a job done in a timely manner and on budget… the fact that, throughout the time they were on the property, they cleaned up on a daily basis and unfailingly respected our property was especially appreciated.”

      - Jeff Miller, December 2003

“The carriage house looks as if that roof had been here since 1926.  It is a pleasure working with people who can take such justifiable pride in their work.”

      - Mickie Dissett

“… we greatly appreciate the role that Old World Roofing and your workers have played and are playing in making this building an important part of Saint Louis University School of Law.”

      - Stephen D. Smith, Associate Dean, Saint Louis University School of Law, September 1997

“There are those people who talk of their abilities and there are those who can really do the job the way it should be done… you have the ability and pride to be one of the few who can really do the job well.”

      - Bill Vandemore, November 2005

“In a word, the Buck House roof is gorgeous!  As we walk by and marvel at the craftsmanship and at the sensitivity of the work of your people, we are in awe.”

      - Dawn L. Larmer, Chairman and Chief Executive, The Principia, November 2005